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About Us

ADEPRINZ GLOBAL ENTERPRISES (AGE) is a registered enterprise under THE CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with REG NO 3029293. Basically, the company engages in MONEY MARKET TRADING, REAL ESTATE, AGRICULTURE AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

The company is in her second year of operation and has consistently proven to be reliable with a sustainable and reliable structure.

AGE offers a fantastic investment package that allows the general to trust their money with her for a 25 working days or more (depending on agreement), in which she immediately put to work.

AGE has a team of personnel that work for her in order to ensure the investors are catered for efficiently. AGE is also in partnership with other competent registered investment companies.

On a daily basis, AGE works toward expanding the profit margin of the company by taking advantage of various calculated opportunities in profitable investment and seeking for professional/technical and financial aid when needed.

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